Wigs for Women

For women facing thinning hair, there are always a number of solutions available—and one of the oldest, simplest, and most elegant of all is the wig. Whether you want to wear a wig to cover short-term hair loss or even to becoming a full-time wig-wearer, this is a solution that any woman can embrace, and it’s one that we are proud to offer at Transitions Hair Solutions.

Located in Wall Township, NJ, Transitions addresses the hair loss needs of women from throughout the New Jersey area, as well as the surrounding states and communities. Our center is known for being low-key and friendly; our stylists are knowledgeable, supportive, and devoted to learning more about you and your hair loss needs. We won’t put any sales pressure on you; we simply want to show you that you have plenty of non-surgical options for hair replacement, with wigs being a prime example.

Women’s Wigs from Transitions Hair Solutions

Women seek wigs for different reasons, the most common of which is the sudden and hopefully temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Regardless of the cause of your hair loss, Transitions Hair Solutions can supply high-quality wigs that are either custom or pre-designed; we have different options to fit different needs, and we can replicate your current hair style or give you a chance to embrace a whole new look!

When you come to our studio, we can help measure and fit you for a custom wig—a high-quality product that’s made to look completely natural, to fit perfectly, and to be dependable and easy to maintain. We offer wigs made from both human hair and from high-heat synthetic hair, meaning there are plenty of options to explore.

Women’s Human Hair Wigs and Beyond

No matter what kind of wig you are looking for, you can find it here at Transitions Hair Solutions. The process starts with a private consultation. We want to hear what you’re thinking, what you’re looking for, what you expect, and then to show you some of the remarkable hair replacement options that we have available. Begin the process today by joining us at Transitions Hair Solutions.