Men's Hair Loss

icon of a man experiencing moderate hair loss

Causes of Men's Hair Loss

It’s not uncommon for men to experience either partial or total hair loss—and neither is it rare for them to wonder why. In truth, most men’s hair loss is caused by hereditary factors, though there are also other potential causes for men’s hair loss, such as medical factors, skin allergies, and more. Ultimately, though, the reason for men’s hair loss isn’t as important as the solution—and there is always a good answer that men can reach for.

Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

Men’s hair loss happens for a number of different reasons—most commonly due to androgenetic alopecia, but also because of various medical causes, scalp conditions, even trauma or stress. Regardless of the cause of men’s hair loss, the effect is always disheartening. The good news is that it does not have to be permanent. There are solutions available to prevent, to treat, to replace, and to otherwise address hair loss. Here at Transitions Hair Solutions in New Jersey, we offer only the best and safest non-surgical solutions, all backed by our famously compassionate staff and our decades of expertise. Come in for a private consultation and find out which hair loss treatment is best for your needs!

Hair Restoration Systems

Men who want to recapture a full, healthy, natural-looking head of hair without resorting to surgery are often advised to get a hair restoration system. These systems can provide full coverage that either replicates or altars your natural look, simply depending on your preference. They are non-invasive and easy to maintain, and provide reliability even through athletics or other strenuous activities. Transitions Hair Solutions provides the most advanced, proven hair systems in the world, from Cesare Ragazzi, as well as partial pieces and prosthetics to match any man’s hair loss needs.