Hair Restoration Systems

Transitions Hair Solutions specializes in all forms of non-surgical hair restoration—a field that includes everything from 3D hair and scalp prosthetics to trichological treatments for the scalp and hair. The solution we find ourselves recommending most frequently, however, is the hair restoration system. The reasons are several: Not only are hair restoration systems non-invasive, but they offer lasting, safe results. They can provide men with the full, healthy heads of hair they’ve been longing for, delivering total coverage and ideal volume and length. The results look natural and seamless, and can support any kind of lifestyle, no matter how active.

We are pleased to provide hair restoration systems to men throughout Wall Township, NJ, and the greater New Jersey area. Whether your hair loss stems from medical complications or from hereditary causes, we invite you to come down for a private consultation and fitting, where you’ll learn more about the benefits of hair restoration systems.



CNC 3D Hair and Scalp Prosthetic

One of the advanced, best-in-the-world products we recommend here at Transitions is Cesare Ragazzi for men, specifically their CNC hair system. The CNC system is a revolutionary hair thickening methodology that blends seamlessly with existing hair—providing full coverage, volume, and length. This highly effective, non-invasive approach to hair replacement integrates with hair to resolve complete or partial hair loss. The end result is always totally natural-looking.

To create the CNC System, specialists hand-inject 100 percent unprocessed, natural human hair into a “second skin,” base, which is anti-fungal, anti- bacterial, and lets heat pass through. Each piece is customized to match the scalp color, hair color, texture, and style of the man’s natural hair. The CNC is made to look great but also to be durable, and it stays in place no matter the strenuousness of your lifestyle.

To learn more about the CNC system, all you have to do is call Transitions Hair Solutions for a consultation. We’ll guide you through the process, and we do all of the molding, scalp mapping, and fitting here in our center. We will also assist with all ongoing maintenance, which is no more rigorous than making appointments for regular styling and cuts.

Custom Pieces and Prostheses for Men

The CNC System is not the only option for men who are seeking a fuller head of hair. Transitions offers custom prostheses that can be used to cover either full or partial hair loss. Our custom prostheses are made to be indistinguishable from your natural hair, and provides the organic look you are looking for!
At Transitions, we have many solutions available to help deal with your hair loss. This first step is to come in for our private consultation with one of our supportive team member. Start your journey to beautiful hair today.