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I've Finally Lost the Weight, But Now I am Losing My Hair

I've Finally Lost the Weight, But Now I am Losing My Hair

This is the story of a young woman we will call Melody for this story... Melody finally reached her weight loss goals and was thrilled, but soon after she began to notice that her hair was falling out. She had heard this could happen, so she did not panic at first. Rather she began using over the counter supplements and other hair products products that she could buy from her local grocery store, but in the end none of them really seem to work.

Melody has tried so many different products and supplements that it was starting to look hopeless. She has always had a tremendous amount of hair, so it was very disheartening when she was not able to easily resolve her hair loss issues. Until recently, she had always worn her hair long and it was beautiful that way! At the beginning of the Summer, she finally gave in and cut it into an inverted bob, as she felt it was the only way for it to look healthier and thicker.

photo of thin hair on crown

She kept waiting for the shedding to stop on its own and had even visited her primary care doctor, two dermatologists and a functional medicine doctor, only for them to keep coming back with no answers and dead ends.

It began to take a toll on her self esteem not too mention her confidence. She no longer feels attractive and her budget can no longer sustain all these trial and error products that get her nowhere. She just wanted to catch a break for once and be free from all of the worry. She finally visited a hair loss specialist, and after some trichological testing, she leaned that her hair loss was not only related to the weight loss, but also an underlying autoimmune issue.

She was then introduced to the advanced solution called CNC which utilizes 3D Printing to make the perfect hair system just for her. Now she can hold her head high, knowing that her hair is as thick, and beautiful as ever.

If you have lost hair from weight loss, or other reason, you no longer have to live with the frustrations of thinning hair.

At Transitions Hair Solutions, we can clinical analyze your hair and scalp and make a recommendation for a solution that will fix your hair loss concerns once and for all.