Laser Hair Growth Therapy

There are many solutions available to those faced with hair loss—and laser hair growth therapy is one of the best. Totally safe, painless, and FDA-approved, laser hair growth therapy is something we are proud to offer here at Transitions Hair Solutions, and we recommend it to clients faced with all levels of hair loss.

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Here’s how it works. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) delivers compressed light, from the red part of the spectrum, directly to the scalp. Also known as “cold” lasers, this type of light therapy increases blood flow without a thermal element, meaning there is no risk of burning or harming the scalp. Increased blood flow enables hair follicles to regenerate faster and more efficiently—leading to an altogether healthier environment in which new hair can grow.

Both men and women experiencing the early stages of hair loss are candidates for laser hair therapy. In fact, laser hair treatments stop the progression of hair loss in 85 percent of all users. What’s more, laser hair restoration has never been more convenient. Transitions can provide you with a safe and easy-to-use laser application that you can take home with you, completing your regimen of laser treatment from the comfort of your own house—all while watching TV, reading a book, or surfing the Web.

Laser Hair Therapy from Transitions Hair Solutions

Laser hair therapy can be especially effective when combined with topical treatments—but to really learn the best way to make use of this amazing new hair replacement technology, we would encourage you to come visit us for a private, one-on-one consultation at Transitions Hair Solutions.

Located in New Jersey, Transitions Hair Solutions offers an unmatched expertise in hair replacement, as well as access to the most state-of-the-art, non-surgical hair restoration methodologies. We are known for our knowledge but also for our compassion, and for the ample personal attention we provide to each client.

Find out for yourself what makes Transitions Hair Solutions so unique. Join us today to ask about laser hair therapy.