About Transitions

Those who are faced with hair loss—whether sudden or gradual, ongoing or temporary—have a number of options available to them for hair replacement. Thankfully, many of the best options are non-surgical ones, solutions you can obtain from a friendly neighborhood hair clinic. That’s what we seek to provide at Transitions Hair Solutions. Working with men, women, and children alike—including those whose hair loss is due to medical issues—the Transitions team provides a comprehensive lineup of safe, effective, non-invasive hair solutions. We offer all of our clients with great options for restoring their hair, their look, and their sense of self-poise.

About Transitions Hair Solutions

Our center is based in Wall Township, NJ, though we serve a clientele that extends throughout New Jersey and the surrounding states. Transitions is led by Danielle Marzella, who brings to the table years of experience as a hairdresser and more than two decades of expertise in hair restoration. Danielle took over Transitions for a simple reason—she knew that there are people out there who desperately sought hair loss solutions, and she wanted to show just how effective these options could be. She’s been doing it ever since, and proudly works alongside some of the most knowledgeable stylists and hair replacement professionals in New Jersey.

Today, Transitions provides a range of non-surgical hair replacement options, including 3D hair and scalp prosthetics, laser hair therapy, wigs, hair systems for women and for men, extensions, and more. Topical solutions and trichological examinations are also available at Transitions, all adding up to a truly exhaustive approach to hair replacement.

What Makes Transitions Hair Solutions Unique

It’s not just the range of best-in-class hair replacement solutions that make Transitions distinctive, however. Our reputation is based on our sense of compassion. We truly care for our clients and work hard to listen to them and provide personalized service. We spend a great deal of time with our clients, and we never give them a high-pressure sales pitch. Our job isn’t to sell you on stuff you don’t want; we simply want to educate you about the hair replacement solutions that are available to you. The process always begins with an evaluation—the start of a conversation, where we get to the bottom of your hair loss and show you some ways to go forward.

Start finding a hair loss solution that works well for you. Visit us at the Transitions Hair Solutions center and ask for a consultation.