Topical Thickening and Cosmetic Camouflaging Products

Men and women faced with thinning hair always want to know what options are available to them—and fortunately, the options for hair replacement are several. In addition to hair systems, laser therapy, and wigs, Transitions Hair Solutions can also provide cosmetic solutions, topical agents that work to thicken the hair that’s currently growing and to mask the appearance of hair loss. These solutions are not only quick and easy, but they are safe, effective, and completely non-invasive.

Topical Hair Loss Products from Transitions Hair Solutions

We are picky about the products we recommend, and only provide our clients with the very best topical thickening and regrowth agents—products we would not hesitate to use on ourselves or to recommend to friends and family members. The options we have are numerous, allowing us to address a variety of different needs. The quickest way to determine the best solution for you is to come meet with a stylist for a one-on-one consultation.



XFusion is a true cosmetic breakthrough. The patented XFusion keratin hair fibers deliver immediate results in both men and women. If you’re looking for a quick and easy thinning hair treatment, look no further. In a single application, these colored organic fibers go to work, filling in balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Imagine having the ability to fill your thinning hair with a fast application; with XFusion it’s possible!

Topical Solutions for Hair Growth

Our supportive consultants can point you in the direction of the topical solutions most likely to put a dent in your hair loss issues, and lead to the kind of full, healthy head of hair you dream of. It all starts with a consultation. Come join us in our studio to begin the process!