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Non Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

Non Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

Whether your hair loss is age related, illness induced, hormonal, stress related or something else, there are ways to replace hair in a cost effective, natural looking way. Many Hair Loss Specialists use wigs, toupees, hair extensions and weaves. There are many options to choose from. The above can be applied to specific areas of the scalp or you can even get a full head of new hair and these solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Non surgical applications are beneficial to those who cannot undergo surgery or for those who have tried topical treatments without success or are not candidates for hair transplantation surgery.

Depending on the situation, the technician or stylist may have to trim or shave off existing hair on the scalp to better fit the style and cut of the hairpiece or hair system/wig. The hair in the hairpiece can be made of human hair, or synthetic artificial materials. At the base of each headpiece or wig is a foundation made up of either polyester or nylon fabric mesh, and a layer of either polyurethane or silicone polymers. The most expensive hairpieces are made of human hair also known as “Remy” hair and must be given special care and attention. Some semi-permanent solutions are applied and maintained by a trained professional and must be replaced every six to eight weeks.

Weaves and extensions which can be attached to existing hair and provide additional volume. These may be attached by metal clips or adhesive tapes or even hand woven onto your existing hair. These are easy to apply by a trained professional but to achieve a natural look depends on how you apply the hair. Do not confuse hair replacement hair extensions with over the counter solutions. Those are very different and can even cause Traction Alopecia.

The Halo:

The Halo is worn by placing it on your head, with your own hair pulled through and over the wire to create fullness. In some cases, a halo can be worn under a scarf or cap to give the appearance of hair when there may be total hair loss do to chemotherapy or other causes.

Hair Fibers:

Thousands of small hair fibers are intertwined with your own hair and are magnetized with static electricity and bond securely to stay put both day and night. These work well with most hair products and are for both men and women.

No matter which hair replacement solution you seek, you need a professional who is well trained in which products are best suited to each individual and will achieve the most effective results in the safest and most natural way.

We can help you decide on which method of hair loss replacement is best for you so take advantage of our free evaluation now.