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I am a consumer and I need help with my dry hair...

I am a consumer and I need help with my dry hair...

Blow Drying HairI recently visited my local hair salon and my hair stylist told me that my hair was dry, I had split ends, sun damage and a myriad of other problems. She was not a qualified hair restoration specialist so she didn’t ask me what medications I take or what kind of diet I maintain (if any), if I have any health problems or much of anything else except her pronouncements about the condition of my hair (which I had figured out for myself). After all, I do have mirrors in my house and I can see small piles of hair that I am leaving in my wake.

I know that some salons offer free evaluations and various treatments but they are not offered at my cut-rate local salon. So, I searched around and found out some ways to protect my hair and possibly prevent it from being further damaged until I can find a salon that specializes in hair restoration.

This is what I found:

Use products that contain silicone because It coats the follicles with a thin film, making hair look fuller and isn’t greasy.

Eat lots of nuts and fish because they contain Omega-3 fats and lots of protein which makes my scalp healthier.....healthier scalp, healthier hair.

Use lukewarm water when I wash my hair because hot water strips hair of protective oils and helps to keep it shiny.

Protein also helps to repair split ends and conditioners that contain protein helps to make hair look fuller. Also leave-in conditioners and some mousses do the same.

  • Don’t use oil to treat dandruff..shampoos with medication work better.
  • Always check ingredients in hair products
  • Don’t use high powered blow dryers and brush hair less
  • People with curly hair should use a pick instead of a brush.
  • Don’t wind the hair too tightly.
  • Use products for your particular hair type
  • Use gentle color products to cover up gray hair and don’t go to extreme coloring measures (like black to light blonde).
  • Dry hair naturally without harsh toweling (pat dry) and give styling a rest once in awhile.
  • Protect your hair from sun damage.

Be aware of drastic changes in your hair like dryness, brittleness, more than usual hair shedding.

Also, find an expert in hair treatments for any scalp or hair problems and be open to new treatments and products that are sold in specialty salons that deal with these problems. I found Transitions Hair Solutions and they explained things to me in a way I could understand and best of all, I left the salon with healthier more fuller hair.

As a consumer I found these tips helpful but I prefer to find an expert, get evaluated and save my hair from further damage.