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What Not to Do if You Are Losing Your Hair

What Not to Do if You Are Losing Your Hair

There are some remedies that you DO NOT want to try if you find that you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss.

Spray-On Hair
Spray-on keratin particles and colored powders can provide some coverage but this can appear artificial and will not solve the problem This is purely a cosmetic solution.

Cheap Hairpieces
The best hair pieces are made from human hair because they can be colored and styled in a much more natural and flattering way. You will never accomplish your goal of looking natural if you buy a cheap hair piece and it is best to consult with one of our experts before purchasing a hair piece (especially if you are male). The old saying holds true here... You get what you pay for.

Bad Extensions
These are unlikely to be of help if you are suffering hair loss. They can also damage the hair that is remaining if you use the wrong kind. Our specialists will be able to help which extensions are best and do the least amount of damage.

The Comb Over
This is like shining a bright light on impending baldness and never looks natural. Avoid this “style” at all costs and consult with us on how we can work with the hair that you have to make you look your best.

Bad Hair Plugs
Plugs are passé there are new techniques that place hair grafts in the area of hair loss much more precisely. These new methods are much more realistic. If you should decide to try hair restoration surgery than it is essential that you find a specialist who has a solid reputation and a list of satisfied clients before you commit.

This is not a practical solution in covering hair loss and can actually do more damage and cause more hair loss if the hats you wear are too tight. There are many quality wigs and hair pieces available so avoid hats as a solution.

Growing it Long in the Back
This method highlights your hair loss more than making you look natural. It draws attention to the hair that’s missing. A proper haircut will serve you better than a long in the back solution. There are far too many new methods and treatments to resort to this old trick.

It is always best to consult with one off our professionals when hair loss or thinning is involved. We are trained to find the right solution for your particular problem and anything else is pretty much a waste of time and money.