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Guinter Kahn, Maker Minozidil Medicine, Dies at Age 88

Guinter Kahn, Maker of Minoxidil, Dies at Age 88

Guinter Kahn, Maker of Minoxidil, Dies at Age 88Dr. Guinter Kahn, one of the pioneers of the hair restoration medication industry, recently passed away at the age of 88. The name may not ring a bell to most people. However, for men and women who have suffered hair loss in their lives, the impact of Dr. Kahn’s groundbreaking work in cosmetics is still evident today.

Dr. Kahn was maintaining a small private dermatology practice in North Miami until he suffered a stroke eight years ago. His sudden decline in health left him unable to continue treating his patients or fulfilling his passion for philanthropic work. A loved member of his community, Dr. Kahn donated many items to libraries and universities and often spoke on behalf of the Holocaust survivors of World War II. Dr. Kahn’s death has been felt throughout the extensive hair restoration community, including right here at the Transitions Hair Solutions.

An American Dream Realized in the Form of Hair Restoration Medication

MolleculeDr. Kahn is a product of the “third wave” of American immigrants who fled to the US just as World War II erupted in Europe. Despite arriving in the country as a four-year old boy and struggling to communicate in English during his early years, Dr. Kahn became a manifestation of the American dream. Kahn finished high school and graduated with a medical degree from present-day University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1958.

Dr. Kahn’s real legacy in the modern medical world was not realized until the early ‘70s. Together, along with colleague Dr. Charles Chidsey and his then-resident Dr. Paul Grant, Kahn tested a new compound called minoxidil which was originally meant for treating hypertension. As it turned out, one particular side effect of this drug was an overabundance of hair growth on its subjects. In 1986 Dr. Kahn and his colleagues became the first team to go on record to get a patent for a medication for hair loss. Thanks to the efforts of men like Dr. Kahn, a new industry was born. Today the hair restoration industry aims to continue Dr. Kahn’s legacy of giving everyone an equal chance to restore the health and vitality of their hair. As the leading providers of Houston hair restoration services, we strive to uphold Kahn’s vision each and every day.

The Achievements of the Hair Restoration Industry

At Transitions Hair Solutions we are committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry. It is thanks to the discoveries made by experts like Dr. Kahn that we are able to deliver top notch hair restoration services to our incredible New Jersey Clientle.

If you, or a loved one, are suffering from hair loss we encourage you to contact us today! Allow us to explain your options, including hair restoration medications, in our state-of-the-art studio. Would you like to learn more about the services we offer? Follow our blog!