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Bad Hair Styles or Cut Causing Permanent Damage To My Hair

Bad Hair Styles or Cut Causing Permanent Damage To My Hair


Dry Hair CutQuestion

Overtime I get my hair cut or styled, I am telling the stylist not to use thinning shears or even texturize my hair. I am already experiencing some thinning and am concerned that doing this will cause permanent damage to my hair.


There is no evidence that receiving a “bad haircut or style” will “damage” the way your hair grows. A bad hair cut is just that...A bad hair cut. In time, your hair will grow back and then you will be able to have it cut and styled to look better that the previous cut.

The causes of hair loss and thinning hair is much more than a bad hair cut. Hair loss unfortunately gets worse with time and receiving a bad cut or style will only exasperate the existence of thinning hair or your hair loss. What makes this even worse, as your hair begins to grow back out from that bad cut or style, it may look as thought your hair looks even worse than the initial cut itself. We often times like to point to a variety of other reasons why our hair looks the way it does, and not accept the fact that hair loss and thinning hair may in fact be the actual cause.