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Hair Trends for 2015

Hair Trends for 2015

Bobs are as popular as ever and the variations are endless. We did some research on Google Trends and the results are in.

  1. Smooth strands with a deep side part pooling into waves.
  2. Angular cuts
  3. Cropped cuts
  4. Chin length cuts
  5. Different lengths framing the face
  6. Shorter styles going into longer lengths at the crown
  7. Mixed textures with cropped short bangs
  8. Layered with peek-a-boo bangs and cascading waves
  9. Eye skimming bangs and shoulder length strands
  10. Ruffled crop cut with angular chin length bangs

Some Bohemian styles are still on trend and include:

  1. Beachy waves
  2. Twisted sides
  3. Loose curls
  4. Braids of all kinds

Color trends are leaning toward flaming reds, the lightest shades of Blond and Ombre tones. Although the above are the current trends that many clients ask for, the traditional cuts that we’ve always loved still get requested so although it’s important to be up on all current trends be prepared for some requests for the “Rachel” or the “Meg Ryan” and even the “Pixie” even in this modern era of new and bright styles.

As long as the client walks out of the Salon feeling pretty and on trend you’ve accomplished your mission.