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There was a Little Girl...

There was a Little Girl...

Older CoupleWe wanted to share a great story with you…

Once upon a time when I was about 7 years old I had an Uncle who wore a toupee. You might ask how a child of only 7 knew that he was wearing a toupee but it was as clear as the rug on our floor....or more aptly put...the rug on his head! Every time I saw him the toupee looked different and it never failed to make me stare. My Mom would pull me aside and tell me that it wasn’t polite to stare but I couldn’t help myself. He looked like his head was misshapen and one time it even blew off in our backyard when the wind blew.

Little kids aren’t always tactful or polite and when you see a man who walked in the door wearing hair suddenly standing before you totally bald it’s a shock to say the least. Sometimes the hair was sideways and his head looked lopsided. I have to admit that my cousins and I had quite a few cruel laughs at his expense.

I also noticed women who wore full wigs and hair pieces that filled in thin spots on their heads. They often looked cheap and not at all like real hair. Some of them resembled my Barbie dolls and a few even looked like my rag dolls! More laughter ensued. I felt sorry for these people and was glad that I had long, very thick hair. I swore that I would never wear a wig.

As time passed and I wanted to try different hairstyles before committing to a haircut I went and purchased a couple of wigs. This was back in the 60’s and everything that I bought was synthetic. The human hair wigs were hard to find and very expensive. I had fun playing with the wigs but I still looked like I was getting ready for a Halloween party. I would never have dreamed of wearing those wigs to work or on a special occasion.

As time passed I began to believe that no one ever wore wigs or toupee anymore because I didn’t see any lopsided hair or fake looking mop-like wigs. What I didn’t realize was that the art of hair systems was growing and improving at a rapid rate. Recently I ran into an old friend and complimented her on her gorgeous, thick and shiny hair. As I age, mine has thinned so I really notice beautiful, perfect hair (especially in someone in my age group). She informed me that she had just completed chemotherapy and was wearing a wig.

Mature Happy CoupleI was stunned and surprised and even envious. I thought about asking her where she got her wig and why it looked so real, but that didn’t seem like the polite thing to do.

As I began writing about and learning about the Hair replacement industry I began to understand exactly why the old school “rugs” for men and the fake looking hair for women were a thing of the past. The quality of today’s hair systems has grown by leaps and bounds and I honestly cannot tell the difference between the hair that someone is born with and the hair systems that they are able to purchase.

I also learned about bindings and clips and other advancements that go into providing men and women with natural looking hair that they can be proud to wear. No longer is there any fear of looking like you are going to a costume party and I see men jumping into swimming pools and running around the local track who are probably wearing hair pieces. The wonderful part of watching those people is that I can’t tell the difference between what hair is their natural hair and what hair is not.

No one should hesitate to take advantage of the current selection of magnificent hair systems, because they can look just as good as they have always dreamed of looking.

The days of making jokes about “bad rugs” are over and the era of looking and feeling your best is here.