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Hair Loss Solutions... What Really Works?

Hair Loss Solutions... What Really Works?

We have been noticing a lot of ads for vitamins and other hair growth products online, on television and in magazines. As a potential client, you are probably wondering if these solutions really work.

The answer is not always as simple as “yes they do” or “no they don’t” When you come into our studio we will be able to answer this question and or suggest treatments that really work for hair loss or thinning?

Here are some of the items you are now seeing all over television and online. Please note that we are not saying that these do not work, what we are saying is, they may help as part of a complete treatment protocol but an evaluation of your specific type of hair loss is needed to properly recommend a treatment best for you.


  • Iron (for those who don’t eat enough red meat)
  • Vitamin D (for Follicle cycling)
  • Zinc (for those who exercise and sweat a lot)
  • Vitamin B-Complex (Biotin, Niacin, etc).


  • Coconut Oil
  • Coffee Oil

Other Products

  • Nioxin,/li>
  • Keranique
  • Vibrance
  • Viviscal

All of the above promise either thicker, shinier or fuller hair. Some even promise hair re-growth. Are they false promises or do they have substance?