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The Signs of Aging Hair

The Signs of Aging Hair

Grey Hair MatureI am now of an age where my hair is no longer what it once used to be. For some time I have noticed the various changes in my own hair and some of those changes were a bit shocking. I used to have very thick hair that grew very quickly. It used to hold a perm or a color for much longer than usual and it was easy to manage. No more!! Everything about my hair has changed.

Where like just about everyone, I had experienced some bad hair days, those days are now the norm for me. I am a walking bad hair day. I’ve tried different lengths and even a few different styles but nothing works for very long and I wind up looking like a tangled, frazzled mess. I guess you could say that I have given up.

After doing my homework I discovered that I don’t have to settle for these bad hair days. I can’t stop the aging process but I can make things better so I’d like to share what I found out with you.

First, there is the process of going gray. At first I noticed a few straggly gray hairs spaced pretty evenly over my entire head. I wanted them to be pretty; i.e., silver or white colored. No such luck...they are flat gray and not shiny or pretty. I used to be a natural blonde and my hair doesn’t seem to go silver or white like my friends with dark hair.

I discovered that the cells stop producing pigment and by age 50, 50% of people have some gray hair.

I noticed that one side of my head was thinning out and it became hard to style or manage. I got fly-a-ways and my head looked lopsided. Hormones during menopause and through the natural process of aging can cause this and growth patterns change because hair follicles get smaller and produce hair that you can’t see. I have taken to using products that claim to strengthen the hair and that has worked a little bit. Still, one side is thinner than the other.

Dryness and brittleness is also present and I’ve discovered that this is because my hair has lost elasticity and I don’t produce as much of the natural oils that are necessary to hydrate. I need to hydrate my hair much more than I used to just to keep it from looking and feeling dry and brittle. I use products that contain essential oils and diet also has an effect on how your hair looks so I have to make sure that I add those essential oils to my food choices. It is recommended that I take at least 3,000 mg. of biotin and add products with silica to help strengthen my hair.

It is also wise to discuss the condition of your hair with your stylist and check the ingredients in the products that you purchase over the counter. Harsh chemicals and excessive heat should also be avoided. I try to dry my hair naturally as often as possible to avoid the effects of heat.

There is nothing that I can do to prevent aging (the alternative is far worse!!), so I am becoming proactive in caring for my aging hair. I suggest that you do the same and be sure to consult your hair care professional the next time you visit your salon. I use the CRLAB product line offered at Transitions Hair Solutions, and I am just amazed with how healthy and beautiful my once dull gray hair now looks.

Of course, if your aging hair loss is profound it is wise to see a hair restoration specialist to find out if something more serious is occurring because there is help for that too.