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The Woman In The Mirror

The Woman In The Mirror

The Woman In The Mirror Before and AfterI got up this morning and as usual, could not avoid the face staring back at me. She (me), looked old and to top it off one side of my hair has thinned out. This process has been happening for quite some time but it looked especially awful this morning.

My eyesight is far from 20/20 so you can only imagine what I must look like from someone with better vision’s point of view. I decided to “play” stylist and move my hair in the ways that I read were recommended for people with my problem (age and hair thinning).

First, I tried to simulate a razored bob. I pushed my hair up to about ear length and fluffed it up a little... Needless to say, I looked like a dog who had been run through a wind tunnel. Then I moved it around into a pony tail, now I looked like a demented teenager who had gotten stuck in a time machine.

“What next”, I thought to myself? Beachy waves!! I sprayed my rather longish hair with salt water and ran my fingers through it until I got the supposed beachy look that I used to get naturally after a day at the beach. Yikes!! I looked like the wicked witch from the Wizard of OZ films. The only thing missing was a broomstick and some flying monkeys.

Next, thick bangs... they would surely draw attention away from my thinning hair and make me look like I still had thick, full hair. WRONG!!! I looked like one of the three stooges... Lo and behold... I was staring at Moe Howard reincarnated. Not a pretty sight.

So, what is the solution? Maybe I could go to a professional stylist and discuss the problem? Maybe I could take the advice of someone who actually knows how to style hair so that one looks attractive and not like some scary character from an old movie?

My suggestion to those of you who are experiencing the same dilemma that I am is that you do what I fairly did, and that is to contact a professional Like Danielle Marzella of Transitions Hair Solutions and start to feel better about how you look.

Looks aren’t everything, but they help make a person feel better and they boost ones self-esteem. Don’t wait any longer to actually like that face in your mirror. Get some help from someone who can help and knows exactly how.