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Which Celebrities Have Damaged Their Hair by Using Hair Extensions

You would think that rich and famous people would have the resources to find experienced professional hair stylists to apply hair extensions and weaves. You would think that..but it’s not always true.

Hair extensions that don’t fit or are applied incorrectly can cause damage...major damage that can cause problems from lopsided hair styles, ill-fitting hair, headaches, bleeding and even loss of hair.

The following celebrities (who should know better and can afford better) are some of the people who have suffered some sort of damage thru the application of bad hair extensions or long time use of extensions and weaves.

Ariana Grande

Her hair is a her own admission which is why she consistently wears a high pony tail that covers bald spots on the top of her head caused by the long time use of hair extensions. She claims that her hair was “broken” from years of bleaching and dying it red to play a character on a television show. Her hair is so damaged that the only way to fix it would be to shave it off and start anew.

Which leads us to Britney Spears.

We all remember the famous head shaving incident when Britney went bald and we all remember the spotty, poorly applied hair extensions that she walked around in prior to the head shaving. To this day, I have noticed that Britney’s hair often looks uneven and I can spot her extensions a mile away. Instead of blending with her natural hair for a fuller look you can see where the extensions are attached. Who in the world is doing her hair?
Other celebrities who have complained about moderate to severe hair damage and bad hair styles are:Pamela Anderson

Instead of “Baywatch” we have hair watch and it isn’t a pretty or sexy sight.


Paris Hilton

Continually changes her hair style and used weaves and extensions for all manner of styles. Her actual hair is short to medium length yet we often see her with long braids, flowing locks and all sorts of full hair styles. Most of the hair that we observe on her head does not belong to her and her use of extensions is constant.


Lindsay Lohan

To add to her already messy life, Lindsay wears ill-fitting extensions and weaves of different colors (some all at the same time) and her hair is a tangled mess.

Victoria Beckham

Even though Victoria is known as a fashion maven with her own popular clothing line her hair often looks ratty.

Taylor Momsen

From constant bleaching Taylor has used various types of extensions and weaves and her hair looks like a rats nest.

Nicole Richie

I’m happy to say that although she likes to walk around with blue, purple or green hair these days Nicole seems to have finally realized that the past came back to haunt her hair and it became severely damaged. She now wears it short and except for the color, it is her own natural hair.

Christina Aguilera

Another bleached blonde mess and the use of ill-fitting extensions and tight weaves caused damage to Christina’s hair. From what I have seen she never learned her lesson and still looks like she just came out of a wind tunnel.


The Queen Bee is not exempt from damaged hair. She constantly changes up her style and color and is famous for her various uses of weaves and extensions. You can be a multi-millionaire and still mess up your hair.
A good hair stylist will know the best type of hair to use when applying hair extensions or weaves and he or she will never use ill-fitting, too tight or fake looking hair. The answer my friend is to find one of these stylists and check them out. Ask to look at their work and do your homework. It may be a matter of hair today, gone tomorrow if you don’t.