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The Story of Hair Loss as a Result of Surgery

The Story of Hair Loss as a Result of Surgery

Linda Evans DynastyWe’ve all heard of the beautiful Linda Evans (star of Dynasty and other television hits). Linda has always looked much younger than her true age and prided herself on her beautiful hair.

That all changed when the 72 year old icon began to lose her hair. She was forced to wear a hat or a wig and while searching for a reason for her hair loss she soon learned that it was the result of having back surgery.

Through various ups and down during her life she experienced extreme back pain and agreed to undergo back surgery to relieve her pain. Little did she know that surgery can cause hair loss.

Hair loss is not unusual following surgery according to medical experts. “The main cause of sudden hair loss is stress, whether psychological or physical, says Dr. Stuart Fischer. “It can also come as a result of severe pain, as well as a reaction to surgery.”

According to Dr. Fischer, “Stress induced hair loss is reversible since the hair follicles are not damaged.”
Much to Linda’s dismay, she had spent her life fearing cancer because she lost her father as a result of this disease and always thought that she would have to face chemotherapy and eventually hair loss.

The Story of Hair Loss as a Result of SurgeryFortunately for her, that didn’t happen but she lost her hair anyway due to a procedure where hair loss was not expected or even discussed.

Ask your doctor for ALL of the possible side effects when contemplating surgery of any kind and see a hair loss specialist for the various treatments and solutions if you should also experience what Linda Evans did.
We aren’t all going to end up looking like the beautiful Linda Evans but we can all have the option to treat hair loss.