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Alopcia - Where to turn

Alopcia - Where to turn

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We know that many of you have found it useful to read of the experiences of others with alopecia. This is why our blogs are so popular and why so many of you have chosen to search the internet for stories about alopecia.

We know there are a number of blogs on this topic so we thought it would be helpful to share some links to those blogs from our website.

Please note, these blogs do not necessarily represent the views of Transitions Hair Solutions. We are including links in good faith that these blogs may be of interest to some of our followers. We are not responsible for the contents of these external links.
The Diary of a Bald Girl – “Aiming at supporting, educating and inspiring confidence to people with hairless Be Bald & Beautiful”

Imogen Proctor: Bald and Bold – “Alopecia is a hair loss condition affecting more people than appreciated. I’m uploading my experience in the hope that it shows others they aren’t suffering alone. I want to offer my advice, opinions, support and story. I want to be bald & bold.”

Confessions of a Wig Addict– “WARNING: You are now entering a wig addict zone....”

It’s Just Hairther:Areata 4Heather’s Alopecia Blog “Many people suffer from a lack of hair and I believe that it shouldn’t matter what condition you have there should just be support and awareness for people who need it. That’s what my blogs are going to be about; my life and how I have coped without any hair for the past 15 years.”

Me and My Alopecia: A young girl (Erin) tells her experiences with alopecia. “The journey will be up and down with some change but one thing will always remain the same and that is Erin will always be Erin, a strong, kind, funny, clever, loving and tough little cookie!”

Tipper’s Blog: “A blog dedicated to answering questions about the day to day lives of Alopecians, and giving information about my experiences”.

Hairless Whispers: “The ramblings of a patchy headed woman (not as rare a species as you might think....just not spotted too often)”

Tomohawk Talks Alopecia – a Vlog. Tom Spencer uploads short videos to his YouTube channel and talks about a number of topics relating to alopecia.

Perks of Being A Bald Girl – A small insight into the life of teenager with alopecia.

Adventures of Hairloss at 28.... – Lottie writes about ‘her alopecia experiences and much more’.

No matter what the cause of your hair loss, at Transitions Hair Solutions, we are here to help. We have helped countless people who suffer from hair loss. We can help you as well.