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Let's Talk: Why do we never talk about female hair loss?

Let's Talk: Why do we never talk about female hair loss?

While few people are happy about male hair loss, it is at least a possibility that can be openly discussed; understood; prepared for.Let

Female hair loss, on the other hand, is something many of us only learn about first-hand, usually as we enter our 60s.

Today we’d like to ask the women an important question: is female hair loss something you are comfortable discussing? And if not: why does it feel taboo?

Women are under enormous pressure to maintain appearances. Keeping a healthy head of hair can be increasingly difficult over time, as follicles will naturally shrink (creating a stringier, more wiry appearance), and a certain degree of hair loss becomes inevitable.

We believe these topics should be acknowledged and spoken about openly. The more we can share our concerns about hair loss, the more confidently we can address the issues themselves.

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